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I just wanted to let you know I was at Ocean View cemetery this weekend and the grave inscription for my mom looks great.

Memorial Headstones Queens NY

Monumentlettering.com is the easiest and most efficient way to add a name on a headstone. Monumentlettering.com provides top quality lettering services for existing monuments already placed in cemeteries. Any lettering type and style can be matched or duplicated exactly.
Queens NY Area On Site Work
We often fulfill customer requests to add a name, date, or both to an existing memorial, by performing on-site work at the cemetery. Additionally, we are able to add a verse or simple design, if you wish, without removing your monument or marker from the cemetery.

Monument Engraving History
Rosario Cassara and Carmine Cassara founded Supreme Memorials in 1951. Both Italian Immigrants Rosario and his son Carmine would split the long 15 hour days. Rosario opened the shop at 7:00am and Carmine would close at 10:00pm. At the time the only products we were offering were Gray Granite and White Marble.

Area Hand Crafted Memorials
All work was hand carved. Carmine was proud of the painstaking craftsmanship he put into every memorial he designed. He also wanted the customer to know that they indeed were buying a product second to none.

Best Value Monuments Near
Carmine wanted his customers to have the best value so he started importing the marble from Italy and the granite from Vermont with no middlemen. "Buy Direct and Save" It was a revolution.

Memorial Headstones
"Buy Direct and Save" Four generations and we still implement that same policy. We now offer as many as 17 different colors from around the Globe. Carmine's son Frank introduced different colors of granite to our showroom. We have many designs and a majority of our work is still hand carved. Now with new technology we are able to create "truly custom memorials." To build truly custom memorials please speak to the fourth generation Joseph and Michael. Carmine was proud of the painstaking craftsmanship he put into every memorial he designed, as are his grandsons Joseph and Michael.

Over 10,000 Monuments Restored Near Queens NY
Our Team specializes in monument restoration here in the New York and New Jersey tri state area. We have over 63+ years experience in the monument engraving and cleaning of gravestones and monuments. Supreme Memorials, Inc has successfully restored and cleaned well over 10,000 monuments.

Queens NY Area Monument Cleaning / Restoration Process
The process begins when you place an order online. Filling out our order form you will be filling out all the necessary information for MonumentLettering.com to send our carvers to the cemetery to take a rubbing (exact copy) of your memorial. The first thing we look at is the size and style of the letters on your monument or marker. We do this is to verify the style, size of the lettering and the proper layout.
We will then email (or mail via USPS) you a photo of your monument to insure we are going to perform the work on the right monument.This approval email (or mail via usps) will outline exactly what we would engrave on the monument, as well as the position on the monument it would be engraved. If cemetery forms need to be signed we will then mail them to you already filled out, just requiring your signature and in some cases your signature needs to be notarized. Along with the photo, and cemetery forms (if necessary) we will have the precise information that you have requested us to add, as well as the exact location on the stone to do the engraving. At this time we will also request for a copy of the cemetery deed or the original (if needed) by the cemetery, along with the check or money order made payable to the cemetery. Once this paperwork is returned to us, we proceed to file for work permits with the cemetery to proceed with the lettering work for you. After the job is completed, we send you an acknowledgement via email or USPS. No lettering would be done until we received approval from you that everything is accurate. To read more about the process please click here.

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When you place an order online
we send our carvers to the cemetery to
take a rubbing (exact copy) of your
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