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Cleaning / Restoration

  • Monument Restoration Service in New York and New Jersey.
  • Monument Cleaning Service in New York and New Jersey.

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Our Team specializes in monument restoration here in the New York and New Jersey tri state area. We have over 63+ years experience in the monument engraving and cleaning of gravestones and monuments. Supreme Memorials, Inc has successfully restored and cleaned well over 10,000 monuments. Supreme Memorials, Inc was the sole restoration specialists for the National Historic Landmark Green-Wood Cemetery in-fact we helped the Historic Green-Wood cemetery start up its own preservation team. We take great pride in professional quality work. Whether you are looking to clean up your monument because it's very dirty or perhaps the lettering on your Monument is at the point that it is very hard to read, we can restore the stone to make it look beautiful for you and your family. Our Family has the expertise and knowledge to do this type of work, you will benefit from our experience as we say “Good as New is Easy, Good as Old Takes Craftsmanship®”
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What types of cemetery monuments do you clean?

Our services include the Cleaning & Repairing of Granite, Marble and Bronze works We specialize in the restoration of existing weathered or damaged stone

How do I know if my monument needs to be cleaned?

Often, when inspecting for lettering to be added, we will call you attention to needed work.

Can I clean my own gravestone?

We would like to call your attention to this particular question the answer is yes BUT please do not use any chemicals, including natural products to clean your monument. If the monument is chipping or has the flaking please do not work on the monument. We recommend a soft bristle brush and some soft water. Do not use a wire brush to clean your tombstone. If your monument is made of granite and you feel that the stone is not coming clean with just the water and brush we would suggest a very light clear detergent. Please note we do not recommend any stone cleaning solution that is sold on internet, or any home improvement store. Any reputable monument company will tell you that these “over the counter” cleaners will not work and might stain the stone or cause more damage. Please note gravestones can be made of many different materials, such as marble, brownstone, slate, glass, tin, bronze, wood and everything in-between. Please note our recommendations are for granite gravestones or granite markers.
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What is Monument Restoration?

How Do I know if my monument needs to be restored? Our Team will assess the memorial in question we will check a number items on the memorial to see if a restoration is necessary. We will check the following:
  1. We will see if the monument is straight and level
  2. We will inspect the memorial to see if there are any chips , cracks
  3. We will verify the material on the memorial
  4. We will determine if the gravestone needs to have the foundation raised and if a base is necessary (if none is present)
  5. The Preservationist will determine what
  6. Our Team will provide an exact quote to restore the memorial

Why should I have my monument cleaned and restored?

Continued neglect of proper plot care can lead to serious consequences such as your monument falling over due to a non sealed joint.
Stains on your monument can become permanent. Granite and marble are sedimentary
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What type of chemical is used to chemically clean a monument or cemetery marker inside the cemetery?

Normally a special acid , that is safe to use on granite then the acid is washed off using high pressure water and sometimes the granite requires a special abrasive treatment that does not have any chemicals or acids. Not to worry these treatments help maintain the beauty and grace of all monuments; we have developed a system of cleaning and restoration that is completely environment friendly and gentle on the old monuments. Our team is specially trained to ensure if and when we use chemicals that none leach into the ground, your grass will not be harmed.

Repairs, Cleaning & Restoration

Our services also include the Cleaning & Repairing of Granite and Bronze works and Restoration of existing weathered or damaged stone or bronze work. Often, when inspecting for lettering to be added, we will call you attention to needed work.

All effort is taken to ensure that the stone is restored to as near it's original condition as possible.

We hope you will contact us to determine how we can best help you.

If you have the need for cemetery Repairs, Cleaning, or Restoration, please contact us at 718-788-6697 or fill out our quick contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please allow a day or two for a reply once we have all the necessary information. Because of the unique nature of memorial work we cannot give you an exact price quote until we have gone to the cemetery to examine the existing memorial and the condition that it is in. This process requires some additional information that we need for you to confirm and a $100 non-refundable deposit. Should you decide to proceed with having Supreme Memorials, Inc. (the parent company of MonumentLettering.com) do the restoration work, this $100 deposit will be applied to your order. If you would like to have an estimated price to wash a monument please note prices vary depending on the work involved. To wash a small marker such as a corner post to foot stone the prices start @ $90.00 Single upright Monument restoration prices start @ $200.00 Discounts are available to our clients when we are engraving on the monument and for cemeteries for bulk orders.
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Sometimes when we visit the gravesite we notice the monument to be greenish, this is actually moss, mildew or fungus growing on the monument that requires cleaning by professionals. Moss, Mildew or Fungus can be extremely harmful to humans when the spores are dispersed into the air and we breathe them. We recommend that you call us immediately so we can take care of the cleaning.


  • Removal of debris, litter, leaves and plant matter
  • Cleaning of headstone/grave marker
  • Cleaning flower vases
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ digital pictures sent via email.


  • Cleaning of headstones – we clean all types of headstones, including granite, marble, slate and sandstone using soft bristle brushes and a PH neutral biowash solution. We take extra care not to damage the gravestone in any way.
  • Cleaning of grave markers – we clean and polish bronze grave markers.
  • Cleaning of monuments – we clean monuments safely and effectively
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ digital pictures sent via email.

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