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High-Quality Headstone Engraving Services Near Long Island City NY

Looking For The Best Headstone Engraving Services In Long Island City?

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Supreme Memorials was founded in 1951 by both Rosario Cassara and Carmine Cassara. Both Italian Immigrants Rosario and his son Carmine would split the long 15 hour days. Rosario opened the shop at 7:00am and Carmine would close at 10:00pm. At the time the only products we were offering were Gray Granite and White Marble. All work was hand carved.

Carmine took pride with every memorial he designed after putting a lot of time and craftsmanship into each one. He also wanted the customer to know that they indeed were buying a product second to none. Carmine wanted his customers to have the best value so he started importing the marble from Italy and the granite from Vermont with no middlemen. "Buy Direct and Save" It was a revolution.

At 60+ years old our company is very young in this industry. Make no mistake as Supreme Memorials enters its fourth generation you will see that we still concentrate to the attention to detail that Rosario and Carmine first demanded. We keep this in mind as we are loyal in this practice in every monument we create today.

Most of our clients have a busy schedule and wanted a forum to order this type of work when they wanted to, from the comfort of their own home or place of business. Our Answer is this website www.monumentlettering.com . This website is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience. Even though this website is in its beta form we want all of our clients new and existing to know we will be updating it frequently and we appreciate any and all feed back.

  • Fully Insured
  • All of our work is guaranteed to match the size, color, and style of the previous engraving.
  • We can Duplicate any carving that has been created in any monument shop
  • We clean up after we are finished and replaced any flowers that were moved.
  • We have Generations of Satisfied customers
  • We are located in Brooklyn, New York and service All New York cemeteries & New Jersey cemeteries.
  • In this age of mass production and cheap workmanship, it is refreshing to know that our company still uses old world techniques by trained craftsmen. We can duplicate any carving that has been created in any monument shop.
* Greenwood Memorials is now affiliated with Supreme Memorials.
* Evergreen Memorials is now affiliated with Supreme Memorials.

The Headstone Engraving Process We Follow in Long Island City

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To provide an accurate quote, it's necessary to first complete and submit a formal Request for Estimate so that we can send one of our experienced craftsmen to your memorial to examine the type, style, and amount of lettering involved. Because every monument is unique, we carefully measure the dimensions of your monument, measurement the existing lettering, and take several photos to ensure precision and accuracy for your project. From there, we create a tracing of your monument (called a rub) to further document the style, size, and proper layout of the lettering.

After completing an on-site assessment of your monument, we will mail you a photo to verify the information to be added, including the exact position of the engraving on the monument. We will also forward you any forms from the cemetery requiring additional information or a signature. Depending on the cemetery, there are occasions when your signature will need to be notarized.

Our master craftsmen will begin the engraving process on your monument. We employ the area's finest engraving experts to perform the superior service that you and your loved ones deserve.

Whether the letters are knife-cut, frosted outline, hand-tooled or hand-drawn, our skilled engravers can match any style. This is what distinguishes monumentlettering.com from other monument shops.

While most cemetery engraving work is done using a sandblast technique, we are one of the few firms left on the east coast that has the capability to match classic hand-carved letters on site using the same painstaking craftsmanship that was used thousands of years ago.

Examples Of Our Past Headstone Engraving Work:

In the Long Island City area, there's one name that stands out among the rest for headstone engraving services - Monument Lettering. We have over 60 years of experience, and from our family to yours - we look forward to honoring your loved ones in a way that will showcase their legacy for years to come. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and take extreme pride in creating a memorial that will last forever.

Monument Engraving History
Rosario Cassara and Carmine Cassara founded Supreme Memorials in 1951. Both Italian Immigrants Rosario and his son Carmine would split the long 15 hour days. Rosario opened the shop at 7:00am and Carmine would close at 10:00pm. At the time the only products we were offering were Gray Granite and White Marble.

Headstone Engraving
"Buy Direct and Save" Four generations and we still implement that same policy. We now offer as many as 17 different colors from around the Globe. Carmine's son Frank introduced different colors of granite to our showroom. We have many designs and a majority of our work is still hand carved. Now with new technology we are able to create "truly custom memorials." To build truly custom memorials please speak to the fourth generation Joseph and Michael. Carmine was proud of the painstaking craftsmanship he put into every memorial he designed, as are his grandsons Joseph and Michael.

Over 10,000 Monuments Restored Near Long Island City NY
Our Team specializes in monument restoration here in the New York and New Jersey tri state area. We have over 63+ years experience in the monument engraving and cleaning of gravestones and monuments. Supreme Memorials, Inc has successfully restored and cleaned well over 10,000 monuments.

Long Island City NY Area Monument Cleaning / Restoration Process
The process begins when you place an order online. Filling out our order form you will be filling out all the necessary information for MonumentLettering.com to send our carvers to the cemetery to take a rubbing (exact copy) of your memorial. The first thing we look at is the size and style of the letters on your monument or marker. We do this is to verify the style, size of the lettering and the proper layout.
We will then email (or mail via USPS) you a photo of your monument to insure we are going to perform the work on the right monument.This approval email (or mail via usps) will outline exactly what we would engrave on the monument, as well as the position on the monument it would be engraved. If cemetery forms need to be signed we will then mail them to you already filled out, just requiring your signature and in some cases your signature needs to be notarized. Along with the photo, and cemetery forms (if necessary) we will have the precise information that you have requested us to add, as well as the exact location on the stone to do the engraving. At this time we will also request for a copy of the cemetery deed or the original (if needed) by the cemetery, along with the check or money order made payable to the cemetery. Once this paperwork is returned to us, we proceed to file for work permits with the cemetery to proceed with the lettering work for you. After the job is completed, we send you an acknowledgement via email or USPS. No lettering would be done until we received approval from you that everything is accurate. To read more about the process please click here.

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we send our carvers to the cemetery to
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